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Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Pops

19 Oct


While I was on my trip to the Duncan Hines test kitchens I made an awesome new friend named Natalie who gave me a gift, cosmos creations! I had never heard of this snack until then. Cosmos is baked corn (I love corn!) that comes in different flavors like caramel, cinnamon, sea salt w/ butter, and my favorite salted caramel! It also happens to be gluten free & made where I live, OREGON! I wanted to create a recipe using this new (to me) snack so I came up with these cake pops, Enjoy!

cosmos 002

To make these pops you will need the following things

– Chocolate cake mix
– Salted caramel Cosmos Creations
– Chocolate almond bark
-Duncan Hines Frosting creations base & caramel packet
– Caramel drizzle, I melted left over Duncan Hines frosting creations caramel for my drizzle
– Cake pops sticks, I used popsicle sticks
– Foam block for drying

Bake your cake & allow to cool
Once the cake has cooled crumble it into a large mixing bowl
Add small amounts of caramel frosting to the crumbled cake until it forms a dough like texture
Using a scoop or spoon remove some of the mixture and roll into balls
chill balls in the freezer for 5-10 minutes
While the balls are chilling take this time to chop up your cosmos
Remove balls from freezer
Melt chocolate almond bark according to package directions
Dip the tip of a stick into the melted almond bark, insert about halfway into your ball & allow to dry
Once the sticks have dried submerge the entire cake pop into the chocolate almond bark
Tap off the excess chocolate
Before the chocolate starts to dry sprinkle your chopped cosmos on your pop
Place your pops on a foam block to dry and allow the pops to harden completely
Drizzle caramel & chocolate on your cake pops, allow to harden

That’s it! Now you have a delicious salted caramel cake pop that was incredibly easy to create! You can take this recipe and alter it to fit any of the other cosmos flavors as well 🙂

cosmos 018

To find cosmos creations near you check out their website here!
cosmos creations


Pumpkin Spice cake pops!

5 Oct

pumpkin pops 034

These Pumpkin Spice cake pops are the perfect way to gear up for Halloween and the fall season!

I thought after returning from the Duncan Hines trip things would start to slow down but I was dead wrong! I’ve been so busy however I’ve finally managed to squeeze in the time to bake something! Included in our DH gift box that was mailed home to everyone who attended the Sweet Stars weekend was a Pumpkin Spice cupcake kit. I actually saw these on the shelf at Walmart the day before l left to DH so when I arrived I mentioned it to one of the DH team members who was quite surprised that I had already seen them. I guess my rural Walmart was one of the first to have these out, major shocker! I had the pleasure of trying these in cupcake form during our time at the test kitchen and they were AMAZING! I was glad to see them in our gift box 🙂


My idea came from the obvious, pumpkin flavor and the fall season that is upon us!

To make these pops you will need:

– DH Pumpkin spice cupcake kit
– Orange melting candy
– Sticks, I used popsicle sticks for a more rustic feel
– Foam Block for drying
– Any green candy for a stem
– I used twine to embellish the sticks but it’s not necessary.

Bake your cake & allow to cool
Once the cake has cooled crumble it into a large mixing bowl
In this case you will need to follow the box instructions to create the pumpkin spice frosting
Add small amounts of frosting to the crumbled cake until it forms a dough like texture
Using a scoop or spoon remove some of the cake mixture and roll into balls

To achieve the look of a pumpkin you will need to use a pen or cake pop stick to indent lines all around the pop

pumpkin 002

chill in the freezer for 5-10 minutes
While the pops are chilling melt your orange candy
Remove pops from the freezer
Dip the tip of your stick into the melting candy, insert about halfway into the pumpkin pop, allow to dry
Once the sticks have dried submerge you’re entire pop into the melted candy, tap off the excessive
Apply green candy stem
Place on a foam block for drying
Once the pumpkin pops have completely dried I added a coat of gold pearl dust to give them a nice shimmer

These were some of the easiest cake pops I have ever made yet they look like they took a lot of time and effort! Enjoy!


Marble cake pops

24 Sep

Hello kitty & Pink, purple, and white marble cake pops that were made for a little girl’s birthday.
You can find a link for making marble pops here.
Hello kitty tutorial coming soon 🙂

hello kitty pops

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Marble cake pops!

21 Apr

This is my step by step directions for designing cake pops with a  marble effect.


-Construct your cake pops as usual
– Melt your colored candy ( Each color in
a separate container)
– Use one color as your “base” (I chose brown) tap off
-While your “base” color is still wet use a small spoon to drizzle on
your 2nd color (mine is white)
– In an empty bowl tap off excess, place on a
foam block to dry.
(I added a shimmer pearl dust to

* You can use however many colors your want, the more colors you use the more unique each pop will be
* Be sure to work fast so the
melted candy doesn’t start to dry and become thick or bulky on your pop
* To get thinner marbled lines you can use a butter knife to drizzle

Here are a few more designs I’ve created with this technique

These were made for a Dodger fan
Blue Marble

These camo pops were made for my fiance who is an avid hunter.