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Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Pops

19 Oct


While I was on my trip to the Duncan Hines test kitchens I made an awesome new friend named Natalie who gave me a gift, cosmos creations! I had never heard of this snack until then. Cosmos is baked corn (I love corn!) that comes in different flavors like caramel, cinnamon, sea salt w/ butter, and my favorite salted caramel! It also happens to be gluten free & made where I live, OREGON! I wanted to create a recipe using this new (to me) snack so I came up with these cake pops, Enjoy!

cosmos 002

To make these pops you will need the following things

– Chocolate cake mix
– Salted caramel Cosmos Creations
– Chocolate almond bark
-Duncan Hines Frosting creations base & caramel packet
– Caramel drizzle, I melted left over Duncan Hines frosting creations caramel for my drizzle
– Cake pops sticks, I used popsicle sticks
– Foam block for drying

Bake your cake & allow to cool
Once the cake has cooled crumble it into a large mixing bowl
Add small amounts of caramel frosting to the crumbled cake until it forms a dough like texture
Using a scoop or spoon remove some of the mixture and roll into balls
chill balls in the freezer for 5-10 minutes
While the balls are chilling take this time to chop up your cosmos
Remove balls from freezer
Melt chocolate almond bark according to package directions
Dip the tip of a stick into the melted almond bark, insert about halfway into your ball & allow to dry
Once the sticks have dried submerge the entire cake pop into the chocolate almond bark
Tap off the excess chocolate
Before the chocolate starts to dry sprinkle your chopped cosmos on your pop
Place your pops on a foam block to dry and allow the pops to harden completely
Drizzle caramel & chocolate on your cake pops, allow to harden

That’s it! Now you have a delicious salted caramel cake pop that was incredibly easy to create! You can take this recipe and alter it to fit any of the other cosmos flavors as well 🙂

cosmos 018

To find cosmos creations near you check out their website here!
cosmos creations


Marble cake pops!

21 Apr

This is my step by step directions for designing cake pops with a  marble effect.


-Construct your cake pops as usual
– Melt your colored candy ( Each color in
a separate container)
– Use one color as your “base” (I chose brown) tap off
-While your “base” color is still wet use a small spoon to drizzle on
your 2nd color (mine is white)
– In an empty bowl tap off excess, place on a
foam block to dry.
(I added a shimmer pearl dust to

* You can use however many colors your want, the more colors you use the more unique each pop will be
* Be sure to work fast so the
melted candy doesn’t start to dry and become thick or bulky on your pop
* To get thinner marbled lines you can use a butter knife to drizzle

Here are a few more designs I’ve created with this technique

These were made for a Dodger fan
Blue Marble

These camo pops were made for my fiance who is an avid hunter.

Easter basket cake pops

6 Apr


A few days ago I got an order for Easter cake pops and the customer didn’t have
a design preference she just wanted something to reflect Easter so I decided to
go with miniature Easter baskets.

For your pops you will need these
1. A cake mix ( Any flavor you want to use)
2. Frosting
Melting candy or Chocolate Bark
4. Cake pop sticks

For decorating you will need these items
1. Shredded coconut
2. Green food
3. Twine for the handle
4. Jelly Beans

Making your
1. First prepare your mix and bake it, for this order I’m using the
flavor red velvet.
2. After your cake has cooled, in a large mixing bowl
begin to crumble it.
3. Once your cake is crumbled begin to stir in small
amounts of frosting until you reach a sticky consistency. You want to add just
enough frosting to get your mix to stick together. For a whole cake you should
use about half a can.
4. Using a scoop or spoon take out some of the mixture
and start to form a ball. To get a nice basket shape flatten one side of the
ball, this is where the grass and jelly beans will sit.
5. When you have all
of your balls shaped put them in the freezer for about 5 minutes.
6. Once
your balls are out of the freezer take a stick dip it in your melting candy and
insert it into the ball.
7. After your sticks have dried you can now dip the
entire pop in your melting candy. After your pop has been submerged into the
melted candy tap off any access and place on a Styrofoam block to dry.
Once your pops are completely dry you can move on to the fun part, decorating!


Decorating your pop-
1. Place your shredded coconut in a zip lock
bag with a few drops of green food coloring, shake the bag until your coconut is
coated green like grass.
2. Attach your grass to the flat side of your basket
using melted candy as “glue” and let it dry
3. Use more of the melted
chocolate “glue” to attach jelly beans of your choice
4. After your pop is
dry you can focus on the handle. I chose to use twine because I like the way it
looks. If you want to use something edible you can roll a tootsie roll into a
handle shape or use a twizzler. To use the twine method measure out enough to
reach from one side of your pop to the other then apply melted candy to one side
and place the end of your twine on top of it then add a small amount of the
melted candy on top of the twine, hold it in place to dry. Do the same to the
other side. Once both sides are dry you will end up with an adorable Easter
basket cake pop!