Duncan Hines 2.0 Sweet Stars Weekend!

25 Sep

Sweet Stars Weekend 003

Over the summer I was contacted by Duncan Hines with an invitation to come back to the test kitchen along with the other 11 winners from last year and 12 new winners from this year’s spring bake contest. I was THRILLED to say the least. Last year I got sick the first night so this year I was going to make sure that didn’t happen again and I am pleased to say I felt great the entire time! I decided not to bring my DSLR so the pictures are from my phone/small digi cam.  Enjoy!

You can find a post about my previous Duncan Hines experience HERE!

Friday evening we were invited to a cocktail hour followed by a fabulous dinner and dessert presentation that included all 12 new winners recipes.

Sweet Stars Weekend 009
Here I am on the red carpet w/ my “sweet star”

Saturday we got up early, had breakfast and headed to the test kitchen where we were lead on a tour of the facility which is also home to Pinnacle Foods who owns brands like Hungry Man, Birds Eye, Vlasic, Log cabin, and of course Duncan Hines. After our tour we spent the rest of the day learning about food science, up and coming trends in the dessert world, watching demonstrations by Wilton expert decorator Beth Somers & Duncan Hines chef Joe Dipaolo. Saturday evening we were treated to the most amazing dinner that was cooked by fellow Duncan Hines chef Chris & several great desserts prepared by chef Joe.

Sweet Stars Weekend 008
This is “5 A Day” the Birds Eye horse that welcomes you to Pinnacle Foods

Sweet Stars Weekend 016
Beth Somers- Wilton expert decorator and winner of cupcake wars giving a decorating demo

Sweet Stars Weekend 018

caked decorated by Beth Somers

Sweet Stars Weekend 017

Sweet Stars Weekend 019

Sweet Stars Weekend 029

chef Joe demonstrating how to make sugar decorations

Sweet Stars Weekend 030

Sweet Stars Weekend 024
Printed cake made by Duncan Hines chef Joe Dipaolo
Sweet Stars Weekend 027
chocolate mousse domes made by Duncan Hines chef Joe Dipaolo
Sweet Stars Weekend 026

Sweet Stars Weekend 032
(Baked Alaska)
These are some of the desserts made by chef Joe on our final night at the test kitchen
Sweet Stars Weekend 035
(chocolate mousse cake)

This trip was amazing. I’m sad to be back home but I’m so grateful to have been able to spend time with the Duncan Hines crew again and to have had the chance to meet some awesome new people 🙂

Sweet Stars Weekend 040
My new friend Andrea, chef Joe, and I at our final dinner


2 Responses to “Duncan Hines 2.0 Sweet Stars Weekend!”

  1. Natalie J Vandenberghe October 4, 2013 at 5:53 am #

    Your photos are beautiful! I don’t know how you’ve had time to post such a great article–I’m barely recovered from the trip! Glad I got to meet you and sure hope our paths cross again.

  2. bakedbybrittney October 6, 2013 at 1:17 am #

    Thanks Natalie! It was fun getting to know you 🙂

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