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4th of July cake pops!

2 Jul


Happy 4th Of July! (almost)  I found the idea for these cake pops on Pinterest.
The original creator is Momfluential
you can find her post on them here
(hers are cake balls, not pops). The 4th of July happens to be one of my
favorite holidays so this idea has been stuck in my head ever since I found
them. The design is really simple and absolutely adorable! 🙂

Things you
will need:
Cake mix
White melting candy or bark
Sprinkles (
I used red and blue)
Sour patch candy straws
Yellow sanding
Foam block

1. Prepare your cake mix as directed, allow
to cool
2. Crumble the cake into a mixing bowl
3. Add small amounts of
frosting until the mixture is sticky
4. Use a scoop/spoon to remove mixture
and roll into balls
5. Place balls on a baking sheet and in freezer for 5-10
6. Trim down sour patch straws to your desired length to create the
7. Melt white candy
8. Dip the tip of a stick into the melted candy
and insert it about half way into the the ball, let dry
9. Submerge the
entire pop into the melted candy and tap off excess
10. While the pop is
still wet insert the “fuse” and add red & blue sprinkles, place on foam
block to dry
10. Dip the dip of the “fuse” into the melted candy, cover with
yellow sanding sugar sprinkles

Below are pictures of some caramel
vanilla cake pops I made for a 4th of July BBQ. The tags are from my new
favorite website, Printabelle. If you
haven’t been to her website I highly suggest stopping by and checking out her
awesome selection of printables!

4th of july pops 002

4th Of July pops